Hi, I'm Daria!
Leela game facilitator, dream chaser and your friend in Portugal
First time I came to Portugal 8 years ago with a dream: to learn surfing. And since then my life changed completely – I moved to the small surfer's village to be closer to the ocean and living life of my dreams. Here I'm helping people to get to know themselves better, inspiring them to reach their dreams and live their dream life.
What can we do together?
Explore yourself through the most ancient transformational game called Leela. That self-knowledge instrument helps people to hear their true selves, to find the answers, to start living their life in honesty with their heart. It is a guide map to happiness, love and joy of your life.
Group sessions
Playing a game in a group of 4 to 6 people will give you an opportunity to see yourself from many different angles and find your answers in the stories of other players – you will be surprised that there's no other people's stories and how everything is interconnected.
Individual sessions
In one on one game we work only on your story and you stay focused on your journey. We have time to sort out and analyze each step of the game in detail, find connection of the events in your life and figure out solutions that work for you.
Semi-private sessions
Games for couples or friends can be a great chance to get to know each other on a new level or to find the solutions for situations in your relationships – because the game requires total honesty from the player to finish the game and find a way to be in harmony with yourself and others.
Any questions? Text me!
I will dispel all of your doubts and help to arrange the best vacation of your life :)
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