inspiring adventures
Take a pause. Make a deep breath. Slow down.
How do you feel? What do you want? Do you hear what your heart tells you?
If the answer is "I don't know" then maybe you need to take a break.
Travelling gives you a chance to stop, to breathe, to look around, to look inside of yourself, to ask yourself right questions and find right answers. And this is the main goal of our trips – to give you time, space and tools to find your dreams and a way back to yourself in the beautiful place with a beautiful people by your side. To inspire you to LIVE.
So choose the trip that suits you best or let's create a unique experience for you!
Not tourism. Meaningful trips.
What are your dreams?
Find it, chase it and make it real!
Explore yourself while exploring the world around you
Pal up with the ocean and learn from its wisdom while riding the waves
Slow down and listen to the voice within: what does it tell you?
"For me this project is about the dreams. Portugal, ocean, surfing, amazing openminded people - it all gave me a huge kick to dare to dream, to explore the world and live my life to the fullest. And since I moved to Portugal I constantly want to share that feeling with people to inspire them for a better life. So choose the trip and let's make your dream come true!"
"When I look at the photos I still cannot believe that I have visited Portugal. Daria opened a new world for me – for what I'm immensely grateful! Of course at first it was scary: for the first time I went abroad alone, inundated with questions, but she patiently explained everything: which flight is better, how to get a visa, what to take with you, etc. As soon as I arrived to the surf camp I was immediately very warm welcomed: food, wine, sightseeing tour when Daria showed and told everything about Peniche. And this is how it started: fun, laughter, parties... When I first stood up on the board I squeaked like a child, it was a flurry of emotions! The trips to Nazaré, Óbidos, our first sunset in Peniche are forever in my heart, like the whole trip in general. Definitely the best of the best. Thank you for the endlessly pleasant memories! "
"I want to say so many words about the trip to Portugal, I have so many emotions and impressions – they like a spinning kaleidoscope with bright flashes of colors change one after another, mix and turn into something new. And it is so difficult to catch them and describe them separately.
There were the first meeting with the ocean, picturesque views and sunsets, the first surf lessons and first waves, gatherings and movie nights, new acquaintances and communication, gastronomic abundance... and many more memories that make me smile. Nice vacation it turned out!
Thank you everyone - Daria, ocean, Portugal and all the guys and girls who I was lucky enough to meet, the instructors of the @pksc.surfcamp school - without all of you it would not be so unforgettable. ❤️ "
"So, day one: in the morning you drink coffee and eat a sandwich in the nearest diner and with a feeling of incredible anticipation you run to the surf school (you can write another 100,500 posts about it), where you are greeted by cool instructors (about which you can write another 100,500 posts) and then you go to the surf spot where it begins: the first surfing lesson. At the moment when you go to conquer your first wave (a "jacuzzi" – as our now favourite instructor jokingly said), you already have a mess in your head after the theory on the sand, and then you make your first attempts.
After the first wave that you caught (well, on the white water, yes) you experience such feelings that there is nothing unconquerable for you in the world – you fall but you get up again and again and so on every time. (HAPPINESS)"
Brand manager
"A huge OBRIGADO to the team for the time spent together! It was wooow, so cool: surfing, barbecue evenings, dinner parties, a lot of jokes, a lot of communication, new acquaintances from Germany, Poland, Australia, Italy, Portugal! Well, shortly: VERY COOL. Accommodation, location and service at the highest level! Convenience, comfort and everything you need. Thanks to all!"
"This year for the first time I decided to try active vacation and learn how to surf. According to numerous reviews of my friends, I chose Portugal for this and went to Peniche to surf school with Daria. Honestly, it was the best trip in my life! I couldn't imagine that someday I would be able to jump on this giant board and ride the waves on my own, but amazing instructors did the impossible :) If you want to learn surfing and not be afraid of huge waves in just a week - you definitely should come here ;)
The nature of this place is generally mesmerising, it is impossible not to fall in love! Soulful evenings, wonderful people, barbecue by the ocean, atmosphere, fabulous sunsets and delicious wine – in my opinion, you can't imagine a better one. Now I know exactly where my next vacation will be :) "
Dancer, teacher
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